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Reflection Massage

Reflection Massage – Pijat Refleksi kaki

Pijat refleksi kaki

Reflexology is an alternative treatment that is powerful enough to treat a variety of diseases. Method used is to press a bit strong on the skin using a hand or a baton round – headed.

Emphasis that aims to destroy the crystals precipitated in the form of lumps in the points of reflection.

If the blob id destroyed, the blob will come out with urine or sweat, and when the whole blob at the point of reflection that has destroyed the organ is back healthy because the blood into organ back smoothly.

Another name of reflexology is a full – blooded nerve.

Pijat Refleksi Kaki

When you are in full – blooded, then you will feel pain and heat on a sore point but if the organ is healthy at that point then you will not fell pain.
Reflection can be done anytime.
Other benefits of reflection are also safe no side effects

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