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Traditional Massage

Traditional Massage – Pijat Tradisional Jakarta


Massage or traditional order has been known for a long time in the community massage has benefits for relaxation.
Besides relaxation massage can also be used for the treatment of some diseases

Physical benefits of massage for :

  •   Relieve muscle tension and stiffness
  •   Reduces muscle spasm & tension
  •   Accelerate the recovery of energy, relieve tired
  •   Increase joint flexibility and movement
  •   Improve the easy and efficiency of movement
  •   Enhance or improve body style
  •   Stimulate lymphatic circulation to reduce edema (excitatory disturbance or point in the injured )
  •   Increase local circulation which promotes healing of injured tissue
  •   Lower blood pressure, slows the heart rate
  •   Relieve tension headaches

Traditional massage

Mental benefits of massage for :

  •   The mind so casual and relaxed
  •   Reduces stress by clearing your mind as well
  •   Increase the capacity to think more Cleary

Emotional benefits of massage for :

  •   Enhance pleasant feeling, reduce mild depression
  •   Raise awareness of the mind body connection

Traditional Massage jakarta


Massage should not be done for some situations, such as :

  •   Phlebitis / Thrombosis
  •   Severe varicose veins
  •   Severe inflammatory conditions of the skin, soft tissue or joint
  •   Irregular blood pressure
  •   Convulsions
  •   Recently suffered broken bones or sprains
  •   Suffer from some type of cancer

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